Digital DIY Workshop

Saturday 1st October at 11am, Foundry Gallery, Lewes. (map)

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Join us at the Foundry Gallery on Saturday 3 October at 11am for a hands-on workshop exploring what making means, how we feel about it, and whether it can promote change in the world. We’ll be using Lego and other simple materials to make some things, discuss our making practice, and share ideas and experiences in the company of other makers.

This workshop is for anyone involved in making or creativity using traditional or digital tools, creative software for making music or graphics, websites for learning skills or sharing projects, such as Etsy, Youtube, or Instructables.

The workshop will be led by the team at Digital DIY, a research project by University of Westminster.

This workshop is free, but spaces are limited, so please sign up here.

Digital DIY Workshop is part of Make Lewes Festival 2016

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