Off Cuts

Designers The Colour of Hair will be turning collected hair from Lewes’s hairdressers and barbers into a series of designed objects which will become part of the Making Digital Craft exhibition at the Foundry Gallery between the 29th September and October 2nd.

The Colour of Hair (Fabio Hendry and Martijn Rigter) will be working on their designs in the Foundry forecourt from Thursday 29th to Friday 30th before showing the results over the weekend.

Come and see how Off Cuts turns Lewesians hair into designer artefacts!

Off Cuts is part of Make Lewes Festival 2016

For more information email:

We are grateful for the support of Lewes’s hair dressers and barbers and also to Austin’s Scaffolding of Eastbourne for the
loan of scaffold material for the Colour of Hair’s rig

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