The intriguingly named London-based Architecture00:/ are involved various open source projects. WikiHouse is the one most directly related to Open Source Architecture.

WikiHouse declares it is an open source construction set which provides all the parts (software, designs, details) to make – or print – your own CNC-milled house, which can then be put together and built into someone’s very own dwelling. WikiHouse has taken off across the internet so that a mushrooming of designs can be found on WikiHouse’s Open Library, with designs independently evolving in as far flung parts of the world as earthquake ravaged Christchurch, New Zealand, North America and the Netherlands.

So far no houses (or homes) have been completed, only test projects, but with each iterative development a genuine WikiHouse is getting rapidly nearer. To get a sense of the kinds and spread of projects look at the WikiHouse news page.

The June 2011 edition of the Italian Domus architecture and design magazine (in English) is a special edition on Open Source Architecture.


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