The Rebuilding Center – Seattle, USA

Seattle, Oregons’ Rebuilding Center, the largest by volume used materials centre in North America, is nearly 20 years old. The Centre contains a veritable treasure trove of all and every kind of used materials needed to build a home, from door-knobs to baths to the full scale steel joists.

Dedicated teams of Deconstructionists head out daily to dismantle, collect and retrieve materials from the city and it’s surroundings. Known as the DeConstruction Services these trained specialists dismantle anything from “a kitchen, to a full house, to a 100 year old grain mill.” Working by hand, this demolition by other means results in up to 85% of materials being reused.

Here’s one of the founders telling Rebuilding Center’s story.

The ReBuilding Center also includes the ReFind furniture workshop, which produce bespoke furniture and designs, including this recent local Portland yoga studio reception desk.

The ReBuilding Center’s Centre is designed by Communitecture.

Rebuilding Center building 1

One thought on “The Rebuilding Center – Seattle, USA”

  1. Love the Rebuilding Center which is in Portland, OR–a truly great place to visit…my only wish is that I lived closer to take advantage of all the learning possibilities there too!

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