The Atmos Project – Totnes, UK

The Atmos Project is Transition Town Totnes, (Transition Town Central – UK department) flagship project, an old Dairy Crest factory which TTT are working on turning into a ground-breaking eco-hub, including local businesses, affordable housing, a food entrepreneurs school, and a Building Materials Reuse Centre.

The Atmos Project’s BMRC is to be a centre for local materials reuse, as part of a broader aim to localise building materials in Totnes. A 2012 TTT commissioned report argues the potential for at least 80% of building materials coming from within fifteen miles of Totnes. Can Totnes Build Itself: Potential local building materials and their availability

Stone, earth for cob, green timber, sheep wool and straw bales, can all be found from within the five miles of Totnes. If the Cornish Peninsula is included these local natural materials can be expanded to include more highly processed natural materials and a wider palette, including recycled cellulose insulation and processed sheeps wool. Only steel and imported softwood would need to come from further afield.

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