Post Local – Lewes District 2030

26th September, 14.00 – 17.30, 
The Linklater Pavilion, Lewes Railway Land (map)

Following this years Make Lewes Festival, Making Lewes will be hosting a symposium as part of the  Lewes District 2030 events. The symposium will address the overlap between sustainable technology and design, including new media and open source design.


Peter Harper, for many years the public face of the Centre of Alternative Technology and key figure in the Radical Technology movement. Harper will be talking about CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain programme.

John French, director of the the Adapt Low Carbon Group and the Enterprise Centre, the University of East Anglia’s flagship low carbon and bio-based business incubation centre.

Adam Niemann, creative director of Carbon Visuals, the Bristol based visual communications company specialising in conveying sustainability and carbon information.

Sophie Thomas, director of the Royal Society of the Arts  The Great Recovery programme highlighting open source in sustainability and the circular economy.

Post Local Symposium is linked to Make Lewes Festival 2015

For more information email:

Image: ©Dennis Gilbert

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