ReVenture Park – Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The ReVenture Park  is in the early stages of developing the largest US eco-Industrial Park of its type. Situated on a 700 acre site, ReVenture’s core plan is organised around a large renewable energy complex. Facilities for waste-to-energy power plant, wastewater treatment, solar energy fields, clean tech start-ups and R&D hub are to be developed inside and around an old textile dye factory – with half a million square feet of industrial space. Publicity states that a significant campus and educational aspect to the eco-development is part of the plan, with more than 1,100 “green collar” jobs being created.

Old already in place railway tracks, multiple electricity substations, transmission lines and a 360 million gallon containment pond add to the in-situ infrastructure for ReVenture. A portion of the extensive site is reserved for natural wildlife habitats.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 15.07.10

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