Forssa Eco-Industrial Park – Finland

The Forssa Eco-Industrial Park, Finland is focused on ‘bio-economy’ fused with expertise in recycling. This includes the optimisation of large modern greenhouses and the production of green covers (sod turf), growth media and bio-fertilisers. Applying a closed loop cycle, materials and energy are linked to other industries in the eco-industrial park including biogas and biodiesel production for use as transport fuel, in utilisation of carbon dioxide separated from biogas, and in industrial aquaculture using bio-energy and the innovative utilisation of the by-products from the food industry.  At the core of the park is a comprehensive bio-refinery that diversely utilises different by-products of the food industry.

The Eco-Park is closely linked to the Forssa Envitech, which is a leading Finnish centre in glass recycling and is a significant national centre in the handling of electric and electronic scrap, contaminated soil and biowaste.

Forssa EIP graphicG

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